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17-Feb-2015 19:26

May we walk amoungst stars, in an atmosphere of complete beauty, and pleasure, for it is always the inspiring words of the people, towards the Lord, that always takes us there! Every morning I wake up and see The most handsome man lying next to me.I would let him know every day That I love him more than words can say.Large portions of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and the Minor Prophets are also poetic in form and content. When we arrive in a world of nothing in our minds, that constitutes for peace, it is then we know the meaning of God's love for everyone, and our struggles that once use to be seem meaningless, as your surrender apart of yourself, becomes a life of substance with the Lord, and your heavenly family, leaving you to understand that a life without God, is never made possible, without his relentless love, and the power of what he will always be...............

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I myself enjoy writing Christian poems, and I was surfing the web for inspiration when I came across this. just because you cant see it dosent mean its not there you only believe it if you see it but even blind people can see so i am telling the world I BELIEVE IN GOD JESUS CHRIST HOLY GHOST SO PLEASE TELL THE WORLDThis is so nicely written. Poetry in the Old Testament: At a very early date poetry became part of the written literature of the Hebrew people.

For we are God most precious creatures, so valuable to him, that He sent of Himself Jesus, to die for our sin.