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17-Feb-2015 18:21

In other posts, attempted underwear bomb from last week is still a trending topic among tweeters.Kevin Nealon was among those contemplating the ongoing investigation yesterday. The Us actress - who battled breast cancer in 2008 - said she had to make sure she never went off script at any point during voicing a character in ' Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel' - where she plays a member of the Chipettes, a singing group which gives the titular chipmunk gang serious competition. When I improvise, foul things often come out of my mouth that aren't on the page."So I really stuck to the script or there would have been some inappropriate words from my chipmunk.

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The sad revelation caught the attention of both Richard Kelly and Jeff Katz (on his birthday, nonetheless), and I definitely echo those sentiments to her family.We had to tell him to put his thumb In for heavy Metal.-Penn Jillette, » - Brian Warmoth Christina Applegate lashed out at new Us mammography guidance.