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She later became the mother of Ferdinand I, the Tsar of Bulgaria.I first heard this name on the children’s cartoon Caillou; I believe he had a friend named Clementine.Also the way they say it in the movie (because it is in French) is absolutely adorable! It gets mixed reactions -everything from puzzlement to the divine but that is what makes it special...In the French movie "17 Girls" (or "17 filles") there is a character named Clémentine and they call her Clem.After watching the movie I fell in love with the name.

Clementine is only a nice name when it is pronounced the French way and not diminished at all. However, I don't think I would ever use either of these names for any of my children in the future, although perhaps one of them as a middle name if I happen to marry a French man.

The nicknames Clem and Clemmie make me think of 'clammy', which is not what I want to associate a name with. Clementine of Orleans (1817-1907) was the fourth daughter of King Louis Philippe I of France and his wife Maria Amalia of Neaples and Sicily.

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