Corey miller dating kat

16-Mar-2016 02:45

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I've been biting my tongue for awhile now until these last few episodes have aired.

I'm not much for drama but I do need to address a few things.

In the first episode of this season when I quit, that was real and unscripted.

I just couldn't stand all the drama and lying going on.

while this is true, what she neglected to say was that those camera's were there for 8 months out of a year, 5 days a week.

and i might add, i was there the longest of anybody, coming in at 11 and not walking out that door til 9 or 10 at night..statements make me realize that she never appreciated my commitment to her shop, her show, and most importantly, to her as a friend. All she should have said was the truth, That I left because of all the drama.

that was the last confirmation i needed that it was indeed time to leave.

I had just spent 3 yrs being loyal and committed to her as a boss and as a friend.

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if kat would of acknowledged or taken any responsibility for why i wanted to leave, things might have been different.

recently i have heard her in interviews stating that me leaving was produced and that I Never Really worked at her shop, only when the camera's were there.

She shouldn't lie about me, I don't think she would like it if I told people the truth about her. I do not understand why she chooses to play the VICTIM over and over and over again..

With that being said, I'm Anxious to see how things go over at American Electric.

When I first started this show 3+ years ago, I made the commitment to be true and honest with everything I said and, when Kat said to me 'that its hard to be honest with you in front of the cameras', that blew me away... and then she insinuated that i would try to hurt her on the camera.

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