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10-Apr-2015 19:34

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This notion has also sparked a sexual app revolution that's starting to really pick up. With Pure, you connect with ready and willing individuals around you.Led by apps like Grindr and Bang With Friends, there isn't really an app that explicit helps you to find someone to have sex with on-demand. In the most basic sense, Pure wants to help you get laid. His business model incorporates an in-app purchase system that charges users .99 for a 24-hour pass.The pass will allow members to submit unlimited sex requests in that one-day period.Pure is planning to launch very soon, but it needs Apple's approval first.Users will be able to undo accidental left swipes - very useful if, like my friend, you’ve just lost a great potential match because your drunk mate (me) decided that the guy’s dog had ‘weird staring eyes’.There’s also a ‘Passport’ feature, which means you can search for people in other cities and countries rather than relying on a geographical radius - presumably for the super organised singles who like to sort out their holiday romance before they’ve picked up their euros from the post office. In the UK, if you’re over 28, you’ll pay £14.99 a month for it.It'll begin with a waiting list and then after that open up to the general public.

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I’m not single, but I have written a book about the world of online dating (the internet is where I met my husband-to-be). I’m finding it hard enough to make peace with the fact that, were I to audition for X Factor, I would now be in the “overs” (which sounds like Simon Cowell’s way of saying as soon as the skin starts to lose elasticity, your market value goes down and your life may as well be finished). Tinder’s new scheme attaches a stigma to being single beyond your mid twenties – one that I thought was on its way to being eradicated.It's evident that more people are starting to use their smartphones for tasks that they never imagined. there are a ton of apps that can bring a taxi straight to where you are without having to speak to anyone.Based on that fact, it's only natural that we would eventually use our phones to meet new people too.While under 28s will only be charged £3.99 a month.

In the US, the cut off age is 30 and the price doubles from .99 to .99. What seismic shift occurs at 28, which means online daters should be forced to fork out an extra £11 for the privilege of arranging a coffee meet-up?

Now, I’m told that – were I prowling the internet for a partner today – I’d have to pay almost four times the price for it, compared to a mere whipper-snapper of 27? Making it more expensive for ‘older’ customers makes them feel as though they’re less desirable, which is no way to help a single person to feel confident about their prospects.

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