Costa ricans dating and marriage rituals steve sandvoss dating

14-Feb-2016 07:49

Needless to say, not all follow these “customs and traditions” I’m going to write about today.

However, it is very likely that all of them have at least one tradition or custom listed on this entry. This is one of the Puerto Rican wedding customs and traditions that may have changed throughout the years.

However, it is somewhat expected for the bride’s family to pay for the whole wedding, while the groom’s family pays for the entire honeymoon.

Then, gifts and monies collected by the newlyweds from guests are used to start their new life together.

So, how are Puerto Rican wedding customs and traditions different from any other?

First I shall say that, of course, not every Puerto Rican wedding is the same.

as it goes in many pars of the world, the bride wears a borrowed item, a new item, and a blue-colored item for the wedding ceremony and reception. According to Puerto Rican wedding customs, the bride’s bouquet is made of amapolas, flamboyán flowers, and/or margaritas, as they are abundant in the island.

This means money saved on an expensive florist (bingo! This, of course, is one of the many benefits of living in a tropical island, with year-long summers!

😉 The use of “capias” as wedding favors is, to this day, one of the most common Puerto Rican wedding customs. They are not only used for weddings, but also for quinceañeros, baptisms, First Communions, etc.

This way, newly weds don’t have to worry about debt from the wedding ceremony and honeymoon.

It is important to note, though, that many newlyweds make more money than their parents now and decide to incur the costs themselves or st least pinch in. you would be surprised, though, at how ma parents don’t allow their kids to help, as if it’s a “family pride” thing of sorts. Yes, it is one of the most prevalent Puerto Rican wedding customs and traditions, too!

idea to share with you all some customs and traditions from my patria, Puerto Rico.Today’s topic: Puerto Rican wedding customs and traditions!