Countdown to christmas updating calendar

18-Jun-2016 16:54

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They will be pretty hard to find as I’ve not noticed a lot lying around on store shelves so your mileage may vary.

Similar to 2014, I will be updating this post every day with the contents of each window as we count down towards Christmas!

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One of my favourite annual holiday traditions is LEGO’s annual Advent Calendar set.

Just like last year, I opted to go for the Star Wars Advent Calendar, instead of the Friends and City one as they didn’t particularly excite me at all.

Pop open the front flap for a little playmat that extends out where you can arrange the builds day by day. Looks like someone didn’t proofread before approving the box designs!

You’re also treated to look at all 24 windows, one for each day in the countdown to Christmas! This year’s Advent Calendar has a bit of an oddity – you’ll notice a sticker covering the side of the box which has the “Includes Exclusive C-3PO minifigure” phrase printed on it in several languages. The instructions for the Star Wars Advent Calendar LEGO models are printed on each door.

If you don’t want to find out the contents of each window, look away now or come back when you’ve opened your own window!Here’s a look at the front and back of the Advent Calendar, which gives you a sneak peek at some of the daily builds that feature in the set.