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13-Jul-2015 03:13

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I get the feeling I’ll run into a few more cycle tourers on my way through Greece and Turkey.

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Upon reaching the border I was a little sad to be leaving this perhaps misunderstood country behind, and would have no qualms about coming back for a return visit; good luck Albania, thanks for having me, and maybe see you again soon.To get into Greece we first had to cross the border.We continued on yesterday’s pleasant road through the countryside, to Pojan, then Zvezde, before joining the main road again (SH3) to Billshit and the border with Greece.We met a German cycle touring couple on the way, also on their way to Istanbul; I guess I might cross paths with them a few times.

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After ascending nearly 1,500m again on 07 September, I was hoping for something a little flatter over the next couple of days, however I needed to get into Greece first, and knew there’d be a big climb involved there; highest point on my tour around Europe I think.– 08 September – to Greece and Florina It was vaguely chilly first thing in the morning, and raining slightly; a bit of a change from the last few weeks, but nice to have a break from the heat.