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10-Jun-2015 15:44

I dreaded the thought of calling my parents again and asking for the money that this evening was costing me.

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The air smelled fresh and clean, an anomaly for the strip I thought.

I smiled to myself when I noticed the valet sneaking a peek at my legs when I extended them and stepped out of Sue’s car. She smiled radiantly at me as I watched her walk around her car while hearing to her high heels click on the ceramic pavers as she joined me.

It always surprised me that she got invitations through her work, because these events were fairly exclusive.

I had spent the last several months listening to her rave about the last one she had attended, and she finally wore me down and I agreed to go with her.

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I could feel the energy in the room as the various gamblers tried their luck at the blackjack and craps tables.

Tonight seemed different though, maybe it was just me, but was everyone looking at us as we walked through the room?