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Well-known as the most precise dating method, dendrochronology enables us to study different aspects of the past with annual, and sometimes seasonal, precision over time.Of the numerous definitions describing the essence of dendrochronology, here at the Cornell Tree-Ring Laboratory, we adhere to Eckstein's definition: "dendrochronology is a science of extracting chronological and non-chronological information from dated tree-rings." The key to dendrochronology and related sciences is tree-ring growth.Tree-rings are wider or narrower, brighter or darker and they reflect conditions under which the tree grew, mainly the climate conditions.The ring widths, the anatomical characteristics of the wood, and other features of their growth vary from year to year with changing environmental conditions.

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They are the result of cell formation outwards from the pith (the oldest part of the tree).

One ring is produced each year (except in some tropical, subtropical, or other difficult areas), within the growing season.