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I have caught them that way since them, just not quite as many.

I learned to fish a jig and pig one Thanksgiving at Clark's Hill.

I caught over thirty bass off that sandbar the next three days.

I had to go home for Christmas Day and the next day, when I got back to the lake, the fish were gone.

I had read a lot about this bait but did not have enough faith in it to fish it for very long.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving I put up all my rods but one and used a jig and pig all day.

Even if you aren't a lemon fanatic, this is a great cake that's easy to prepare, forgiving in the oven, and goes perfectly with a great variety of accompaniments - whipped cream, chocolate sauce, fresh fruit, sorbets or ice cream, honey!

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About two o'clock I was regretting that decision when I pulled up to a brush pile.

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