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09-Aug-2016 19:36

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View the full list Amazon has been busy testing out its new Prime Air initiative at a secret location in the English countryside.

For one thing, the need for airspace will lead to a push towards decluttering of features such as satellite dishes, and the removal of any unnecessary “sky furniture”, such as telecommunications, electricity wires and billboards.

Perhaps the scale of urban transformation not be as extreme as it was with cars – after all, drones don’t require large-scale infrastructure such as roads and bridges.

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The service’s promise of a 30-minute delivery by specially designed drones may look like click-bait PR, but it’s an early sign of the significant changes coming to cities around the world.

For the moment, much of the hype around drones is full of caveats: safety is always the first priority, and nobody quite knows the full extent of what’s possible.