D845hv bios not updating

26-Feb-2015 19:53

The good thing is that with four RIMM slots you have sufficient memory upgrade possibilities.

We installed 256 MB of Rambus PC800 ECC memory on the motherboard before we plug the UDMA 100 controllers to the hard disks and DVD ROM cables.

The D850MD motherboard also requires an ATX 2.03 (ATX 12 Volts) 300 watt (300 watt is a minimum due to the power consumption of the CPU, the motherboard, etc.) compatible power supply.

Inserting the Pentium 4 into the Socket 478 is a breeze and once youre done youll have to apply a thermal paste to stick the heatsink over it, so the CPU heat will be dissipated and transmitted to the huge metallic heatsink itself covered by a wide and powerful fan.

Then we mount the PCI cards and we finished by inserting the AGP graphic card using an AGP retention mechanism to avoid possible bad contact that may be caused by a heavy AGP card.