Da guins vs dating game

23-Oct-2016 19:16

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The Degtyaryov Light Machine gun was developed by Vasily Alekseyevich Degtyaryov at the Soviet Small Arms design bureau and was the standard issue light Machine gun for the Red Army during World War II and some years after, until it was replaced by the RPK.

The Leonardo da Vinci-themed room that captured Leonardo’s essence (or at least his myth), and that of . I felt like I was with Sophie in a well-themed escape room. While there was a “counting” puzzle that I usually find annoyingly subject to individual interpretation, this game included a mechanism to clarify what would otherwise be a mess of ambiguity. The puzzles and their solutions continued to surprise us, in exciting ways.

Sophie’s prop provided a fun moment early in the game that made us realize there was more going on in this room than we were expecting.