Darren criss dating

16-May-2015 14:39

Before he sheared those curly locks to play the buttoned-down Blaine on “Glee,” Darren Criss made a bid for fame/romance on a Fuse dating show.

The short-lived “You Rock, Let’s Roll” enjoyed a one-season run in 2008, and, during a recent repeat, someone recognized one of the contestants and sent the info to a Criss fan Tumblr.

I’ve been tried to put some sources but it’s a lot of work. Also you should wait (patience pls) until all the pics and gifs load to enjoy it. source: I read the script)HA i’m fine- i’m totally fine with the way he looks at herfine Just don’t look at the pantless darren in front of you ok Darren also said during one of the starkid livestreams that he wanted to do this play again really bad, ;) andddd Julia and Joey said that during one of the rehearsals Darren made a mess with a “partner in crime” which we don’t know the name, but lauren got super uncomfortable and was like let’s n OT.

:))))))) The last days of Judas Iscariot Other LWLget your man back tanya pls stop looking at each otherbabei am lauren lopez and i’m giving you the eyes you can’t get mad at medon’t mind me while i just play with your shirt behind your neckher hands her hands on his fucking chest you tease DARREN THERE’S A CAMERA POINTING AT YOU WHEN YOU CHECK HER OUTYou fucking little tease omgthey smiled they just smiled they did LOOK AT THOSE SMILES I’M SO DONEshe grabs his neck but he grabs her head too, he’s such a head grabber, and he moves closer, and i can’t be the only one who realized she stood up on her tiptoes to kiss him that’s just the cutest thinglet’s just put that on repeat for a while toby you little shitsame darrenthere’s the word babe again and he checks her out AGAIN i’m gonna throw upyou can see how he throws a kiss at her BYEStarkid visits Universal Studios aka Crisspez cannot stand being 2 feet away from each other (if you don’t think they were dating here you are wrong)During and post- AVPM/S times Once he was asked at a panel what were his thoughts about drarry and said He is okay with ending up with lauren, okay move on.

also i know ellie’s not gonna kill me for stealing her tweets right? I love her okstarship screeningshe loves to tease him adorableat the judas reux livestream (X)shut up you arethat teasing smile ugh SPACE tour give me my remote interviewshe also talked about him in the space and apocalyptour interviews but we’ve already seen and cried about that so THE STARKIDS HAD A HANGOUT TOGETHER AND WATCHED AVPM AND IT WAS GREATno one cares jaimenobody expected anything and then OKAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYstopso tiny his smile *o* he also texted the entire time while laughing during laurens entrance :) During SK’s play 123ever there was a guess the song game and she just couldnt answer anything else We know you’re used to scream that name, lauren. At SK summer season gues who asked(again) about him?

As you may be aware by now, Alex has unfortunately decided to retire from DCN after 4 incredible years of hard work and dedication.

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Also some of the gifs are mine but not all of them, and none of the pics are mine. Same darrendorks Onstage Summertime (For this play, Lauren had to make out with Darren, slap him on the face, , TAKE OFF HIS TROUSERS, and darren had to whisper in her ear that they should make love.And although Alex is not disappearing and will stay in the fandom with his personal blog, we wish him the best and hope he’ll enjoy his free time.

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