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The tax reclaim process causes a difference in timing between the record date and the ADR pay date. For further tax questions, please consult a tax advisor In 2010, Roche initiated a dividend reinvestment program through the depositary bank, J. For more information, please see the brochure at the section of this page. Morgan ADR shareholder services can be contacted as follows: Toll free number: Phone:1 8 Hearing impaired: Phone:1 8 Outside the U. Roche is considered a qualified foreign corporation for U. In 2006, to facilitate expanded market access and secondary trading, the Roche ADR obtained a securities manual listing by Standard & Poor’s Standard Corporation Records. Morgan Chase sponsors and administers the Roche ADR facility. S.: Phone:+1 6 Email: [email protected] correspondence: JPMorgan Chase & Co. Note a) The number of ADRs in issue varies depending on demand and conversion in and out of the underlying non-voting equity security (NES) The Roche ADR facility was initiated in 1992 when one (1) ADR represented one hundredth (1/100) of one underlying non-voting equity security.The current ADR ratio is a result of several splits and ratio changes.The actual dividend tax paid depends on the specific tax status of the dividend recipient.

Note b) On 3 April 2001, the Board of Directors approved a 100 for 1 split of the non-voting equity security.This was followed by an opposite 1 for 100 change in the ADR to NES ratio.Roche’s ADR (American Depositary Receipt) is on OTCQX International Premier under the symbol RHHBY. Roche’s non-voting equity security and the Roche voting share are both listed on SIX Swiss Exchange. dollars, eight (8) ADRs represent one (1) underlying non-voting equity security (Genussschein, abbreviated NES).

As a result, no new ADRs were distributed Note c) Declared date is the date of approval of the proposed dividend at the Annual General Meeting Note d) Ex-dividend date is the first date where trading takes place without dividend Note e) Record date is the last date on which the security must be held in custody in order to be eligible to receive dividend (as settlement typically takes place trading day + 3 days) Note f) Dividends are subject to Swiss withholding tax of 35% at the time of initial payment.

For ADR holders, the depositary bank performs a tax reclaim process with the Swiss tax authorities.