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Valid Species Upload function documentation updated. Collections in a locality that do not have a collection name will be displayed. name=Sil-88563 Fix of map Comparison page Diagnostic added for comparison jsp issue with rank. Release 5.12.2 Date: Jul 6 Species List correction for proj_taxon in case of subspecies Creative Commons license updated Release 5.12.1 Date: Jul 2 Elevation moved from Specimen Information to Geographical Distribution on advanced search page.` Extended rollout of Query Stats mechanism Governor on map Comparison and get Comparison Release 5.12 Date: Jul 1 Specimen upload optimized. Duplicate species list entries logged Record and display action in statistics Release 5.11.9 Date: Jun 30 Full Url functionality to include higher taxonomic info for orphan manager Orphan changes to be unambiguous Integrity Check to drill deeper into specimen1 orphan species Release 5.11.8 Date: Jun 28, 2014.

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Fossil list test implemented and deployed to stage. Release Date: Oct 31 active Session flag modification in search process. Search in code base for dep Proj Geo Release 6.8.1 Date: May 31. Release 6.8 Date: May 31 Fix of domain App in desc edit forms. Release 6.7 Date: May 29 Fix for Georgia taxonomic data. Bioregion and museum added to collection page and locality page. Overview display changes Release 6.4.6 Date: Apr 30 Add Biogeographic Region to specimen page admin section. name=casent0762014 * Check Worldants upload: / genus=nesomyrmex&species=hirtellus&rank=species&project=worldants Release 6.4.1 Date: Apr 25. * delete cache Release 6.4 Date: Apr 23 Overview pages: Geolocale (subregion and region), Bioregion in addition to Museum and Project. Default status set is "Complete" for taxonomic pages.

Admin alert will handle fossil list test as well Test upload specimen file. Release Date: Oct 28 Modification to Taxon Sets to String method to augment admin info with created on taxon page. New computation process and display query available to administrators. Download species list option added to curate page. Manage Login page now shows projects under Project Access. Change Overview Page List links to Taxa (or context sensitive taxa rank). Redesign of site Nav to reflect overviews (including project). Release 5.15.1 Fix to Create User feature Homonym report Creation of Antweb Properties to avoid platform specific duplicates in App Properties Property management code refactoring Spelling issue fixed on homonym page Description homonym authordate considered on taxonomic history section Valid check mark put next to synonym Release 5.15. Prominently display the author/date on the taxon page. Always display Collection Information section, even if empty.