Dating a chinese international student

19-May-2016 19:19

Well, there is this Chinese guy in my college that I find very attractive but the only thing is that I have no classes with him and I’m not too sure on how to approach him. He’s usually alone with his Mac or with friends that he only talks for minutes and leaves.I’ve tried my best for him to notice me but he doesn’t seem to be interested.I don’t think it’s fair that Chinese will adore you for speaking Mandarin even worse than a toddler in China, while Americans might regard my Chinese husband as a child for speaking English with a slight accent.But I didn’t make the rules here — and this generally works.So I’m not surprised he wouldn’t make any move in your direction.Now, if you really want to get his attention, just say something to him in Chinese.

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I’m a very shy person when it comes to guys that I crush on, I’ve never made a move on a guy with a different ethnicity than mine, so I’m not too sure what are the dos and don’ts in this case or if there’s any.

But then that’s an opportunity to tell him you’re a beginner struggling your Chinese — where you then ask him, Believe me, this is so empowering for him.

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