Dating a cholo

03-Jun-2016 23:23

I am also a Black woman dating a Mexican man and I also have the same problem.Most cholas also can be spotted with ungodly layers of makeup, usually around the eye area.Chola chasers can be spotted by their dirty appearance and odd demeanor. Sometimes when we walk hand and hand down the street we get rude comments and looks, all from black men. It is when you open your mouth that there is a problem.I am not saying all black men say something rude or look at us weird, but that when it happens, it comes from black men. The way my boyfriend looks at it is "As long as they don't touch us then there is not a problem"."Have you ever meet a Fyna that you tried to date, but when you holler she says, No way Jose! This classic video tells the story of a cholo just trying to get with the girl of his dreams.Unlike the Biz Markie original, this story concludes with a happy ending and a sexy sax man.Most chola chasers are cholas or cholos themselves.

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I agree, but I am the type of person who speaks my mind and it is hard for me to hold back, because of the disrespect we receive.

I did not know there was a problem with a black woman dating a Mexican guy.

Just need some insight, experience, and suggestions on how to handle when someone says something rude. PS: Also, he is light skin so he might look like a different race to them, definitely not white though.

But either way it is my business who I date not stupid people on the street.

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A male or female who actively engages in pursuing females of the "chola" breed for mating and/or dating.

A chola can be noticed by their thin, unnatural sharpie-drawn eyebrows that arch like antennas, long black hair that has been curled beyond recognition, muffin tops that make even the people of Wal-Mart want to hurl, long fake fingernails (usually with glued-on designs), and deep red lipstick that looks pink when it's lip-lined by the deepest shade of brown-red you have ever seen.