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07-Nov-2014 19:34

Part of why La Cour’s results were so noteworthy was that they flew in the face of just about every established tenet of political persuasion.

While past research had shown canvassing can be effective at influencing people in certain ways, the sheer magnitude of effect La Cour had found in his study simply doesn’t happen — piles of previous research had shown that, all else being equal, human beings cling dearly to their political beliefs, and even when you can nudge them an inch to the left or right, people’s views are likely to snap back into place shortly after they hear whatever message you’ve so carefully and cleverly crafted.

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“He was sort of famous for taking his results from different studies he was working on, putting them on an i Pad, and buttonholing people at the conferences and going over all of the research that he was doing, the different findings he had, and basically not letting the people go until they had an idea of what he was working on,” says Tim Groeling, a communications professor at The results La Cour showed Broockman were, in fact, very cool, and like everyone else who had come across them, Broockman instantly knew they would be a hit.

La Cour’s research involved dispatching canvassers to speak with California voters at their homes.

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