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If these principles are at work in your relationship, your relationship has a good chance of success, says Dr. However, “if you find a dating relationship does not embody these principles, you have good grounds for calling it quits and moving on,” he writes.

If you’ve spent a lot of time around people with addictions or other mental health issues (for example, growing up with an addicted parent or surrounding yourself with drug-using friends), it can be difficult to feel connected to people who are well. Tatkin, but set a pace that works for you and your recovery.

On those days my husband asks me for patience and to look ahead and at how well everything is going. You say you have a lot to be thankful for and I know the expression well – it makes you feel ungrateful that you are not expressing more thanks – well forget it!You have had a rotten time and ‘today’ has not come easily to you.It hurt my feelings, as I am his wife, supporting him and our family and child(ren). It's been costing me a lot of energy, being confronted every day with the 'CG in recovery' as I am the one responsible for all of our spendings, checking receipts he gives me and dealing with everything that has happened so far: trust is such a huge issue. I hope it helps and I can slowly become 'me' again. Dear BYou have taken another big step and this time it is completely for you – well done. ” I suspect from our chats you know the answer deep down but the answer just gets up your nose sometimes!I took a tactic Velvet advised me, asking him 'why' I would cheat? Finally he calmed down and admitted that if it were true, he would have a legitimate reason to be upset/angry. As many of us, here on the forum, I too have put my CG and his ***** before my own on many occasions and I am trying to find myself back. There are many people in life B who demand our patience and whether we give it or not is really down to us.

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I'm not flawless either, I know - also working on being more balanced myself.

On a daily basis my husband is trying to regain my trust, which is sometimes quite a challenge.