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31-May-2015 00:58

A source says the apparent new couple recently cycled together in the front row of a spin class at NYC’s Flywheel Flatiron gym and were affectionate afterward … Ask anyone in the United States about handmade bicycles and one man's name will always come up: Richard Sachs.To appreciate a Sachs frame is to appreciate a fine Rolex—the commitment to quality, intentionality, design, and a highly personal building process.But as he's quick to point out, it won't make you any faster.Actress-turned-fashion designer Ashley Olsen is reportedly dating Richard Sachs, a ”bigwig in the art space” who is said to be in his late 50s.The 30 year old has previously been romantically linked with George Condo (59), Bennett Miller (49), and David Schulte (47).At the opening of Sachs's exhibition at New York's Rapha Cycling Club last week, we caught up with the famous frame builder who used to have a 10-year waiting list (now there is no waiting list). I don’t think they are better; it's just what I do.

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I think there’s this mentality that people who bleed for their art are doing a better job than some robot just programed to spit out bicycles. Whatever I have now is the benefit of being grandfathered in from an era that preceded the one we’re in now.

And I kinda think that quality is quality, and if you can program a conveyor belt to make these, then it’s the same as what I would do. Everything has improved to the point that factory bikes now I think are better, dollar-for-dollar, than the guys who are making them at the bench, in the studio, or in the shed.

I need to sell bikes to make a living—it is a business, and we need to make money.

I’m not selling or promoting the fact that they’re better.

The Godfather of American hand-crafted frame building, Sachs' fingerprints are all over the handmade resurgence, keeping steel alive in a sea of production-line carbon fiber and aluminum bikes.With 42-plus years at the bench, Sachs works in Massachusetts, brazing the traditional lugged joints together one at a time, selling his own tubing and lugs to other builders, and racing on his own cyclocross team.

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