Dating a triathlete

19-Jan-2015 17:25

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But no one wants anyone else to know that their relationship isn’t always perfect. Here are my 4 tips to help return the butterflies and rainbows back into your triathlon-affected relationships. To have a healthy relationship with your significant other and your family, you should always consult with them before signing up for a long distance triathlon to make sure it’s a decision everyone can support.No one wants others to know they’ve unintentionally hurt their significant others’ feelings or put their quest for IRONMAN before the emotional needs of the people they love. You’re going to need them emotionally and physically to help you reach your goals and to get through the intense training cycles together.It’s how hard training can be on your personal relationships.

When it comes to being an endurance athlete and training for long distance triathlons (half IRONMAN or IRONMAN), there’s something many triathletes don’t talk about.

It’s a challenge nearly all of us face, but most people don’t want to admit or discuss it openly.

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