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03-May-2015 13:09

The AR-3 speaker had been designed by Edgar Villchur, whereas the newer AR-3a speaker was designed by Roy Allison.

Crossover frequencies: 100Hz active low-pass, 24d B/octave; passive high-pass at 120Hz, 12d B/octave; 2.5k Hz high-pass, 12d B/octave. Woofer amplifier distortion: 0.1% THD at rated output. Prices: 00/pair in black ash (review pair) or cherry laminate. Besides the newly invented dome tweeter, Villchur´s loudspeaker also received the AR-1s woofer from 1954, which had been another speaker technology landmark, as it was the first ever commercial acoustic suspension speaker.The result was a speaker that produced music more accurately than any other speaker at its time and is until today one of the highest performing speakers available when measuring accuracy.

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The AR-1 had set a new benchmark for loudspeaker technology, but the AR-3 was so outstandingly accurate that experts had trouble identifying whether a recording or a live concert was playing in front of them.

Let´s note here, that this is not the AR-3a speaker from 1967, but its prior version from 1958.

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