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25-Apr-2015 17:36

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And, in the meantime, the couple have started a You Tube channel called Yesterday’s Wishes in which Lucy, a talented make-up artist gives video tutorials while flawlessly putting on her own face.He was a year younger than her and the pair found an instant connection.They started dating, and Ollie made clear he wanted to understand the world from Lucy’s point of view.I explained all about my condition – that it was genetic, but one day stem-cell research could find a cure.“He just said, ‘Well, I’ll dump you if you go blind. Imagine what that did for my insecurities.” But two years later Lucy met Ollie Cave, who went to the same youth theatre she did.“I said, ‘Mum, if I go blind, no-one will fall in love with me’,” recalls Lucy, now 19.“She told me not to be silly and said, ‘Of course they will. ’ “But when I was 14, I started going out with a boy three years older.“But Ollie said ‘I’m not letting you leave me’, and he’s been there for me ever since.

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She went back to college to complete her A-levels and wants to study law if she gets the right results next month.Ollie, 18, is about to start a university course in animation and the pair moved into their own flat together in May.Lucy Edwards remembers all too clearly the day she broke down and told her mum she was never going to find someone to love her.She was 11, blind in one eye – and she had just discovered she was rapidly losing the sight in her other eye too.

Just two months into their relationship, Lucy went completely blind because of incontinentia pigmenti, a rare condition she had inherited at birth. But I had a bit of a wobble and said we should split.She says: “It had been happening gradually, but one day I said, ‘Ollie, your face is going. I didn’t know if I could cope with losing my sight and a new relationship and I told him ‘I can’t be with you’.