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05-Jan-2016 04:55

'Kathleen, who lives in a three-bedroom granite cottage, joined - aimed at the over-40s - in July 2012.'I didn't want him to think I was one of those stupid women,' she says.'But deep down I must have known how improbable the truth actually sounded. He's not a rich man and is devastated that I betrayed his trust.''I am trying to pay everyone back, but I'm virtually penniless.

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Imagine her confusion, then, when Kathleen, a retired secretary, arrived at British Airway's booking office in December 2012 to discover staff had no record of a ticket in her name - for that day, or any other.She also felt utterly foolish, for when police gave Kathleen a folder showing a selection of the pictures such con-artists use regularly to fool women like her, she soon spotted the very photo 'Colonel Allman' had sent her, purportedly of himself.

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