Dating algerian man

03-Mar-2015 15:21

IS moving here end of Jan-just in time for interview..-lives w/another elderly woman who he refuses to let me meet -visits me once a week on his day off pays half of the bills -refuses to have children w/me we r 41yrs..that is too old -Never talks about future life {buying house,etc} just trying to get stuff NOW, like drivers license, car, things he could not obtain w/o me.I recently read that so many marriages r scams to USCIS. Give me your honest opinion or feel free to ask me any questions... And why did it take someone from ANOTHER land to marry me so quickly?Farrah, I assume that he does not have his GC yet, well not the 10yr one anyway.Farrah, as Explora and Needhelpfast has said, you need to nip this in the bud, and quickly, by you coming on this board and asking these questions, YOU know in your heart, things are not right.And there is no need to feel lonely, sometimes you just need to take control, and join a few clubs, take up new hobbies etc., get out and meet people, you just don't know what is around the corner waiting for you, it could be Mr Right!I hv read that Muslim men have no problem dropping you like a hot potato after getting their green card. I am soo happy to find someone that luvs me BUT some red flags: not live w/me, says he has to work in another town.

I find this so unrealistic but I take it for face value.

I sincerely think you have some deeply-rooted issues that require much more than the advise of a discussion forum although we can only advise you to a certain degree.

You should've gone and stayed with him whether he approved of it or not. I'd suggest you seek counseling for your situation dealing with your husband and also as to why you have/are allowing yourself to remain in this unusual type of marriage arrangement.

If you can't afford it, call somebody like United Way or a domestic abuse hotline (or whatever type of community-based agencies that are in your area) and they can refer to an agency that has a sliding financial scale.

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within the five months I would've had a private investigator follow and photo this guy. If you suspect he is using you, you may withdraw your sponsorship. When I ask him questions, he gets annoyed about my doubts.I also would've followed him to the place he was going and met the elderly woman myself. Farrah, These are some serious questions and concerns. Sounds like you better get these concerns addressed quick! When u r married u try to trust what that person says. I do feel like a fool for marrying someone who did not live w/me...