Dating an stg barrel

17-May-2015 22:47

When people see the AK-47 and the St G-44 side by side an know nothing about their internal mechanisms, the nearly universal assumption is that one is a copy of the other.The overall layout of the two rifles is strikingly similar, and one would reasonably make the assumption that Kalashnikov got his hands on a captured St G and simply rebuilt it in 7.62×39. When presenting the same pair of rifles to a person who has a basic understanding of how they operate, you get a different reaction.Conditions on the Eastern front where the USSR and Germany had been fighting were horrific on a scale not remotely matched by the Western front of France and Italy.It would have been politically unthinkable for the government to publicly acknowledge the superiority of pretty much anything German.Information on the question is held pretty close to the chest in Russia, so most of what I’m suggesting here is speculation…but I think the circumstantial evidence paints a pretty clear picture.

They look similar because form follows function, and since one has a tilting bolt and the other has a rotating bolt they are actually unrelated.In some cases, you will get the counterclaim that if Kalashnikov copied anything, it was an American M1 Garand. So the question is, what is the true relationship between the AK and the St G?

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