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SQL and Relational Theory, by Chris Date, isn't likely to be a book that SQL's greatest defender, Joe Celko, would agree with. Date O’Reilly, 2009IBSN: 978-0-596-52306-0 Hard Copy: Amazon US | Amazon UKKindle Edition: Amazon US | Amazon UK O’Reilly Website The title of this book is SQL and Relational Theory. Chris Date has produced a collection of books on RDBMS and SQL from various publishers over several decades.

However, following the debates between Date and Celko on the relational purity of SQL has all the fascination of watching Godzilla wrestling King Kong. His “An Introduction to Database Systems” (ISBN: 978-0321197849, Addison-Wesley, 2004) is now in its eighth edition and was the standard college textbook for years.

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His claim to fame in the RDBMS world is that he worked with, and then partnered with, Ted Codd for many years to create the consulting company (Codd & Date).Going back to the early days of RDBMS, when there was not so much internet, we had things made out of paper that we called magazines.