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10-Mar-2016 06:48

And you can write a personal message, that will be shown below the caption. The programs to produce star charts are not even close to this level of detail. I wrote the program that computes the positions of stars and planets, and that generates the map, in Common Lisp —a programming language invented back in 1958 and that I rather enjoy using—, and the celestial coordinates come from the HYG database.

Over the last years I have worked in optimizing the renderization of the map, striving to make it both accurate and beautiful.

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You get three high-definition image files, each optimized to be printed at a different size: from large poster to letter.You get to choose the place from which the sky is seen, and the date and time.You can also add a caption, something like The sky as it was seen from Barcelona on that special day (don't worry: we'll generate it for you if you don't want to personalize it). Do take a look at the samples, explore and zoom in. All the stars up to magnitude 7 that were visible are plotted, with an approximation of their actual colors and with an area corresponding to their magnitude. Planets, moon and sun are also shown, as well as constellations and star names.Other options: a pack of antiseptic cleansing wipes for problem orifices, a secret second passport, or your own terrible attempt at an origami swan.

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"Just wanted to say that amazingly we got the print yesterday on my husband's birthday! Thank you so much for such a speedy turnaround—will definitely recommend you to friends." We'll create high-quality PDF image files with the map of the sky as seen from a given place and time.

For example, the sky as it was when you met each other. It is an original and very personal present, and a way to store forever a memorable event.

Nothing in particular comes to mind but I’m confident many events and—oh wait, I’ve got one: WE CAN MARRY! What better time to reevaluate the myriad (number of reviews) of dating apps for LGBT girls?… continue reading »

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Nineteen miles away in Woods Mill at the intersection of U. 29 and Route 6, known until recently for Walton's Mountain Country Store, flood debris buried Route 29.… continue reading »

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“But she wasn’t interested, I heard her threaten them two more times to say that she would jump, and was calling for somebody to help.” After the young woman jumped from the 10th floor to her death, emergency services arrived at the scene, but it was too late.… continue reading »

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A good example is a maid calling her master "Taro-sama" (Taro is used as a Japanese generic name. Thus a boss can address a junior male employee as -kun, but the employee will address the boss as Kacho, or maybe -san or -sama, depending on the situation.… continue reading »

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single, attractive, heterosexual woman over the age of 40 must be in need of a man.… continue reading »

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However, since the city is a World Heritage Site, a lot of renovations have been made.… continue reading »

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)However, those who didn’t serve missions can be just as loving and righteous, too.… continue reading »

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In many states, it is illegal to share with children anything obscene or sexual in nature.… continue reading »

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