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Chief executive Barry Fitzpatrick said the bank's growth in the past 12 months had come through increasing its market share in the housing market.

He said 51 per cent of earnings came from home lending while its national market share rose from 3.2 per cent to 3.9.-Would you advice using a shortlinks like short ZY so you will not be traced..?

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But he said the housing contribution to profit would slip to around 46 per cent over the next three years as business banking, margin lending and portfolio lending took up the slack."People talk about a slowdown in housing, but it's a slowdown of a 0 billion market and we only have a very small market share of that market," Mr Fitzpatrick said.

Comm Sec banking analyst Vanessa Beenders said the percentage increased to 0.66 from 0.35 in June 2004."Given Adelaide Bank is so highly leveraged to mortgages, it is a concern that everyone has," she said.

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Adelaide Bank has tipped three years of double-digit profit growth after unveiling a 19 per cent rise in net earnings.It seemed too preposterous to believe, so I kept on ripping up those tiles. The safest, easiest, and most obvious path is to search for excess tiles left by the installers.In my mind, asbestos could only be found in deep, dark recesses of the house--wrapped around pipes, contained in insulation. If you have owned your house for awhile, it's almost certain that you would have run into these already.and also Do CPA allow publisher to use forums(PM's) ,facebook wall post,pm ,facebook group post..etc,to promote your very LONG direct affiliate links..

By Lee Wallender The first time I ever ripped up vinyl tiles, I was told that asbestos might be contained within the tiles. One entertaining commercial from Armstrong in 1965, for its Excelon Vinyl Tiles, has a peppy Sixties cocktail lounge beat as the narrator tells about the, "...vinyl asbestos with the beauty and texture of a hand-crafted stone-chip design."It looks like so much fun to dance on an asbestos vinyl tile floor. Armstrong, Congoleum-Nairn, Ever-Wear, Ken Tile, Ken Flex, Montgomery Ward, and Sears & Roebuck are some of the brand names of vinyl tile that might contain asbestos.

If the flooring in question was installed between 19, your vinyl flooring might contain asbestos.