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17-Jun-2015 14:22

, a documentary about the relationship between his band The Dandy Warhols and sometime friends and rivals The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

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The majority of the band's songs are written by Taylor-Taylor, including hits "We Used to Be Friends" and "Bohemian Like You".

Taylor-Taylor appears in and narrates the film Dig!

Taylor-Taylor has also said that "I was just tripping on the 'my parents are still married' thing.

Basically, when my friend Gina Williams started dating my other friend Kevin Williams, they decided to hyphenate their names.

So she started calling herself Gina Williams-Williams and then I became Courtney Taylor-Taylor".

As the chief songwriter for "Bohemian Like You", Taylor-Taylor earned approximately 1.5 million US dollars in royalties for Vodafone's usage of the song; with part of these earnings, he purchased a quarter of a city block and turned it into a complex with space for recording, film editing, and web design.