Dating ceramic artifacts

10-Feb-2016 07:02

Own a piece of this rich history with a Mayan art piece from Artemis Gallery. This question has been hotly debated for over a century, especially now with the recent interest in the last Ice Age.In the western states, early cultures of Colima, Jalisco and Nayarit created a wide variety of pottery and terra-cotta figurines.These early civilizations are credited with many inventions, including astronomy, accurate calendars, engineering, a complex theology and mathematics.From the northwestern border of Costa Rica to central Mexico, Mesoamerica was home to a group of agrarian civilizations for the 3,000 years prior to the Europeans arrival in the New World.

Paleo Indian had immigrated across the Bering Sea by the land bridge of the Aleutian Island chain (known as Beringia) from Siberia into North America and followed a corridor south between the retreating ice sheets, perhaps to hunt wooly mammoth.

The Classical Period civilizations that dominated the area were Teotihuacn, the Maya cities, the Classic Vera Cruz and Zapotec center at Monte Alban.

Important cultures of the Post-Classic Period include the Tarascan, the Huastec and Totonac, the Toltec, the Aztecs and the Mixtec.

A more recent theory propose prehistoric Solutreans of Ice Age France also sailed west to America across the Atlantic Ocean along the south ridge of the polar ice cap more than 18,000 years ago.

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