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The same goes for if Pepper Hamilton found Briles himself was doing this.Expensive law firms are not in the business of accidentally using the wrong noun forms.If they use a plural when they intend a singular, it's hard to imagine they'd repeat the mistake over and over."Some football coaches and staff took improper steps in response to disclosures of sexual assault or dating violence that precluded the University from fulfilling its legal obligations.We'll wait and hope the school releases the entire report as well, rather than this summary.(Here's our lawyers' summary of the summary, condensing 13 pages to two or so.) We do know that sentence alone should've been enough to get any involved party fired.Months of allegations and whatever else was uncovered surely contributed to Art Briles losing his job as head coach on Thursday.

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We don't know what specific names, dates and places the firm uncovered.

Because of that possibility, it would behoove BU even more to release a fuller report.] School president and chancellor Ken Starr has been bumped down to chancellor, and athletic director Ian Mc Caw is on some sort of probation.