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We dog-sit for friends and neighbors, and though there are sacrifices we must make when watching these pups, it is also extremely rewarding.While we would love to have a pooch of our own, we haven’t yet made any concrete plans, because we know what a huge life-changing decision it can be.Having a furbaby means extra responsibility and pressure on the two of you, which can lead to some growing pains.Of course, caring for an animal brings more love and joy to your life, but it is important to be sure you both are on the same page before taking the pet plunge.A study done by the University of Buffalo found that pet-owning couples were closer and were able to handle stress better than their pet-less counterparts.But how do you know when you are truly ready to take that step?

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Many think of getting a pet as a way to deepen their commitment as a couple. Through the shared responsibilities couples hone their communication, teamwork, and ability to compromise.

Deciding to co-parent a furbaby is often looked at as training wheels for marriage and eventually children.