Dating culture in hungary

25-Jun-2015 14:27

Therefore, for marriage I think Eastern European countries are a better choice if you are searching for a bride, a more traditional wife than Hungarian women, given the current social changes. Again this is a generalization and not a statement about individuals.Further, maybe you are a guy that does not believe marriage is forever, in this case the new modern thinking European culture is for you and feminist thinking is a positive thing. I think Budapest girls are also liberal (unlike their neighbor Slovakia) compared to the girls in the countryside, at least from what I have personally observed.It is the pendulum of social interaction as it relates to male female relationships.Further, if you are Hungarian, and do not like the way the social pendulum has swung, do something about it. So not all are negative with these ladies, except some of the liberal ideas.

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Let me say there is nothing wrong with Hungarian girls.This means that although in theory catholic they are not that traditional, like the same girl living in the villages. So there are no real great advantages to dating Hungarian girls for love if they hold those views, which are not much different from say a liberal Boston girl.Unless of course, you are attracted to this modernist thinking. Why Budapest or Magyar girls might not be for a traditionalist The above is my personal experience or a statistics I have found.I am sure this is not the case with all these ladies.

Yes, they are pretty and will charm your pants off, but I guess I am not attracted to them because some of them have adopted non-traditional feminist ways of thinking like many western countries.

Not all of them mind you, but it would be hard to describe the cosmopolitan world of young upwardly mobile professionals in Budapest religious and traditional.

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