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17-Dec-2014 02:34

brouhaha last week around the Song Jae Rim–Kim So Eun couple when she poured cold water on the fandom by nixed the possibility of any real life romance developing, another WGM couple is in the middle of an even bigger situation this week.A tabloid newspaper has published the dating bombshell that model-actor Hong Jong Hyun is actually dating‘s Yura. ” Both Hong Jong Hyun and Nana’s respective agencies have swiftly denied the dating rumors but admitted the two are good friends in real life and open about it.If the show was pure drama with zero possibility, then cast married entertainers as well since it’s just acting, right?The producers of WGM, in response to this latest Hong Jong Hyun dating tizzy, explained very clearly that the show requires participants to go into filming with a sincere and genuine effort to put on a virtual marriage.So there you have it, another scandal quelled while shedding more light on the WGM experience.I figured the production of WGM required participants to agree to not publicly date someone else in real life while filming, otherwise why cast only openly single entertainers.

The production backed Hong Jong Hyun as signing the oath ergo he could not be dating Nana and therefore violate his written oath while still doing WGM with Yura.At least this proves Hong Jong Hyun doesn’t subscribe to Lee Min Ho‘s philosophy as Min Ho-sshi recently said in an interview that he doesn’t believe men and women can be just platonic good friends. "Number One Fist in the World"), aka The Five Fingers of Death, is a 1972 martial arts film directed by Jeong Chang-hwa (鄭昌和 정창화) and starring Lo Lieh.I figured as much which is why the show isn’t for me, but it’s understandable for fans to get annoyed when participants get popular off doing the show but then don’t play by the rules.

Back to poor Hong Jong Hyun, possibly stuck between virtual waifu Yura (above) and publicly professed “good friend” Nana (below).

Made in Hong Kong, it is one of many kung fu-themed movies with Lo Lieh in the lead.

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