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In this regard the 'continuation' of Prometheus Bound by Herder (Der entfesselte Prometheus, 1802; choruses set to music by Liszt, 1850-1855) and Shelley (Prometheus Unbound, 1820) are of particular importance'. cit.) In the play Zeus is represented as a harsh and unjust tyrant) (Provenance: Modern bookplate, 3 naked women surround the text 'Ex libris Dr. Jann') (Collation: pi2, A-2N8 2O4 (leaf 2O4 blank)) (Photographs on request) Book number: 130204 Euro 150,00 ALBERTUS MAGNUS. ('omnibus modis Ammonium vexavit, & tam contumeliose laceravit, ut, in Ammonio exemplum & incuriae & inscitiae ponendum esse'. XXV) Young Valckenaer announces that he is going to repair this 'gravissimam iniuriam'.Alberti Magni Paradisus Animae, De virtutibus, lib. For Valckenaer it is clear (liquido constet), that Ammonius penetrated deep into the nature of the Greek language and the true origin of words. Callejo de Paz, 'Real Monasterio de San Pedro Mártir de Mayorga, fundación de la reina Catalina de Lancáster', Salamanca, 1994. His work may be forgotten, but he is remembered as a victim of the sarcasms of Voltaire in several of his pamphlets and satires. It was only in the late 18th century that Aeschylus was translated in French, German and French. Edition with the authorization of the Bishop & Princeps of Bologna Hieronymus Boncompagno. Sandys reports that Lindenbrog was a citizen of Hamburg, and was influenced by the genius J. (ADB 18, 692/93) There exist 2 versions of this edition, the text is the same, but the number of preliminary leaves differs. Lexicon 'de spiritibus dictionum, ex operibus' Tryphonis, Choerobosci, Theodoriti, etc. Vellum 20.5 cm (Ref: Hoffmann 1,125; Brunet 1,239; Ebert 536; Graesse 1,105) (Details: Six thongs laced through the joints. These works could be of great use for the understanding of textual problems and for the amending of texts of classical authors, and they were of great help to gain a profound knowledge of the Greek language and its vocabulary.

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'From that time forward, interest in Aeschylus blossomed. In the short dedication at the beginning of the text, dated 1663, the editor reveals himself, 'Petrus Velius S. He translated a treatise of the Bolognese philosopher and founder of graphology Camillo Baldo 'De Ratione cognoscendi Mores & qualitates Scribentis ex ipsius Epistola Missiva', Bologna 1664. Ours has 3 preliminary leaves, but there are also copies with 7 preliminary leaves (VD17 7728). Accedunt opuscula nondum edita, Eranius Philo 'de Differentia Significationis'. For his first fruits Valckenaer chose an unpublished work of the Greek grammarian Ammonius, who lived probably in the first or second century A. This edition, the 'editio princeps' of 'De adfinium vocabulorum differentia' made his name.The character of his language and thought (...) formerly a stumbling block, became a virtue for the new Romantic sensibility, aided perhaps by the fact that the Age of Revolution saw the Aeschylean Prometheus as the archetypal hero of defiance. Ad veterum doctorum exemplaria emendati, & restituti. He was a nephew of Baldo) (Collation: A - O8) (Photographs on request) Book number: 120032 Euro 300,00 AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS. The latter edition shows also some small differences on the title, 'I. L' (Iuris Utriusque Licentiatus) is added to the name of Lindenbrog, and the impressum says 'in Bibliopolio Frobeniano', instead of 'ex Bibliopolio Frobeniano') (Provenance: On the front flyleaf the ownership entry of 'A. van Regteren Altena, Bergen') (Collation: *4 (minus leaf *4; leaf *2 blank); A-3Z4, A-2M4 (last leaf blank) (Photographs on request) Book number: 130025 Euro 370,00 AMMONIUS. In the preface Valckenaer explains that Ammonius suffered grievous wrongs at the hand of French scholar/printer Henri Estienne who ignored his usefulness in the appendix of his celebrated 'Thesaurus Linguae Graecae' (1572), and who vexed and lacerated him in the preface of his 'De Atticae linguae seu dialecti idiomatis' (1573), and portrayed the ancient lexicographer as a careless ignoramus.

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