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20-Jun-2016 17:37

Even though I’d known her only for five days, those five days were everything,” Knox on life in Seattle following her release "I get into a line at the grocery store and the person behind me's like 'Woah, it's you.

I know you.' And I really want to turn to them and go 'Who the f*ck are you?

(The exact status of their relationship at the moment is TBD. 12 amid rumors that Tyga had cheated with a Brazilian model.

All the while, Chyna got close with the rest of the Kardashian family too.

Here she is with Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick in Paris. (Upon which day he also bought her a 0K Ferrari.) Shortly after that, the two were inseparable and Tyga, 26, was calling Kylie his fiancée on Snapchat.

This new Netflix documentary places the microscope upon the story and includes testaments from both Knox and Sollecito as well as lead prosecutor Guiliano Mignini and British journalist on the scene, Nick Pisa. Me not coming home again until I'm in my 50s, until members of my family have died - I was poisoned."“I was thinking about Amanda and I wanted to send her flowers on her birthday to say.“Suddenly, I found myself tossed into this dark place. "I’m here." But she clearly told me that her feelings were completely changed.

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