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I do not have a computer, but I want to express my congratulations to you and the success of your Albany High Times. He knew Harry as a teenager and got a kick out of talking to his son.

You have created a wonderful service to all AHS alum's by providing them a common meeting place. "Mac" Tallman played the pipe organ at the First Baptist Church for many, many years.

I have been a member of our Class re-union committee for all 4 that we have had, including the combined one for the Classes of ' 56, ' 57 and ' 58 which we celebrated on the Memorial Day week-end of 2000.

I am submitting a list of our "known" departed members for inclusion in your web-site (Note: see "Our Deceased 1957).

Although I am a member of the Class of ' 57, I was fortunate to know many classmates of the ' 52- ' 55 years through my brother, Olin {Class of '54}.

There can never be another group as special as the ones who spent our high school days growing up in Albany and experiencing the Royal Ice Cream Parlor, Radium Springs, the Pig & Whistle and the Drive-in Theaters.

I, too, listed to "Coffee with Bill," every morning as I got ready to go to Mc Intosh Grammar School. Hi Beverly, I very much enjoyed reading the article in today's Albany Herald {Feb. All the pictures, particularly those by Charles Johnson, took me back to the carefree days of our high school years.

The total innocence of our era as captured in those photos sadly is lost forever and can never be re-visited.

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My husband, Ron, passed away this past June after 42 years of marriage.Reminding us of the circle of life, our new baby granddaughter, Kathryn Anne Shays, was born in July.I had saved this clipping along with a trunk of show programs, etc., and when I read your article about Albany High Times, I thought you might want to put it on your website.I think all the "kids" would get a kick out of seeing their names and the names of classmates. When my son, Hank was a senior, we heard Bill broadcasting from Columbus, GA, so we called him.

I'm sure its not exhaustive and would appreciate anyone who can provide more information, to do so. Thanks for all the effort and hard work that went into your web-site.My brother, Ken Adams (1963) e-mailed me your website this morning and I've been looking at it off and on all day.

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