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17-Apr-2015 13:49

When the lights came back up, he was sitting at an ivory white piano in the middle of the Garden, on another small stage.

A chandelier hung overhead as Foxx, in character as Ray Charles, began singing "Georgia on My Mind." The platform on which the piano stood began rotating as he continued his spot-on impersonation.

Wearing a white suit, Foxx told the men in the crowd that they could stay if they wanted to, but that the next part of the show was strictly for the ladies.

After warming the crowd up with some slow jams, Foxx dove in headfirst with his biggest hit, "Unpredictable." "Regular ain't in my vocabulary," he sang.

NEW YORK — Jamie Foxx is clearly a jack of all trades. He told the audience that they could be doing taxes, attending church or burying their mother at a funeral, but if by some chance they hear the Jim Jones hit, they are going to stop what they're doing and break into the dance associated with the song.

After ballads "Get This Money," "DJ Play a Love Song" and "Love Changes," Foxx left the stage for another quick change of clothes and scenery.

Foxx shouted out the "dime brizzels" who bought tickets, as if Charles were still alive and had picked up 'hood slang.