Dating for metalheads

20-Jan-2015 10:18

In fact I started collecting AOR metal and the heavier pomprock again purely out of nostalgia for the goodtimes when my girlfriend of that era and I could actually drive around and enjoy the tape deck without fighting about what to play.

When I was married (much later, to a different woman) we didn't even try to connect over music even though we were both huge music buffs. My now ex-wife is married to someone else, and she tells me that everytime he acts jealous about her previous marriage to me she just tells him about the time that she had to stoop to going to see Ronnie James Dio with me.

She doesn't have a problem with my metal mania, though, so I guess I'll keep her. The problem is when they get older, they become normal girls that i dont like at all. Most young women are either into glam country, rap, hip hop, or the girly stuff like Brittany "bald head" Spears. Its easier when you are younger because at least where i live their have been always young metal ladies. In this country metalhead women are few and far between.Really, for a metalhead/goth/punk, I would recommend something like or using something like Vampire, Cherry Tap, or My Space for your online hunting grounds. fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=1615491For various reasons, I've never cared to have a girlfriend who was a fan of heavy metal.

There are many single, freaky gals out there that cruise these sites. I think for me, sometimes it's nice to have a few differences as it pertains to our interests.And it has been my experience that the freakier the girl, the more likely it is she is into extreme music.)+(it's the same here in the philippines though there are a few hot babes fronting death metal bands. As long as my significant other never questions why I listen to heavy metal (by mocking it), then that's all I care about.

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