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The latter category is also occasionally called "traditional religion." Various suggestions have been made regarding both the dating of the "new religions," namely when the new religions first arose, and the nature of the category itself, namely, which movements should be characterized as indeed "new." Four primary suggestions have been made with regard to the dating issue: were gaining adherents in their early stages of development, and since these three movements had strong influence on later groups.Those who suggest that new religions be dated from the beginning of the twentieth century place heavy importance on the roles of Ômoto and within the mass movements characterizing the burgeoning capitalism of that period.And the last date is selected based on the rapid expansion of new movements under the principles of separation of Church and State and religious freedom in the postwar period.While each of these suggested starting dates has its own merits, they all demonstrate weaknesses as well.Against the first position, it might be argued that while the germinal forms of new religious movements surely existed around the beginning of the nineteenth century, they only appeared in substantial numbers late in the Tokugawa era.Against the third suggested dating, it might be pointed out that the new movements of the early twentieth century, such as Ômoto or Reiyûkai, were crucially influenced in organization and doctrinal areas by earlier movements.

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INOUE Nobutaka The concept of "new religions" was first used in Japan following the end of World War II.

The "new religions" are often contrasted with the "established religions," namely the various sects of Buddhism and shrine Shinto.