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Now go back and rank the same 13 values in order of importance with 1 being most important, 2 the next in order of importance, and so on. Performer and production credits: Karol Bennett, soprano; Leone Buyse, flute; Hannah Holman, cello; Susan Oltsman Koozin, narrator; Tricia Park, violin; Rod Waters, piano; Michael Webster, clarinet; Blake Wilkins, percussion.

The source of the popular American Folksong She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain is not known, though it probably originated in the second half of the nineteenth century.

However, after the birth of her children, she largely gave up composing, and focused instead on transcribing and publishing a rich body of folk song.

The lyrics given above are only a small sampling of the most popular ones.

Ruth Crawford Seeger (1901-1953) was born in Liverpool, Ohio.

The occasion would mean the arrival of visitors and special deliveries.

In The Music Man, composer Meredith Wilson uses a similar conceit when the River City townsfolk sing "Oh-o, the Wells Fargo Wagon is a-comin' down the street. " She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain is a particularly good example of a folksong since its simple lyrics (only a single short sentence) permit easy, spontaneous invention.

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