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If you are single and considering moving here or are one of the concerned group who struggle to understand us, lend me your ear. Can be found at any gym that smells like sweat and balls, or consuming copious amounts of tikka kababs in F-10. Verdict: Suicide Girl, you are cool to the core, and laid back to the max. After that, due to very cold winters, these places start closing up. Feel free to ask anything you are interested in and I'll be happy to respond.The Islamabad syndrome is an untreated and unrecognized affliction that has many in its grip. The Rishta He has a decent education and a good job beta. He doesn’t mind if you work too, just as long as you come home in time to make him tea.But given the situation of Pakistan and other middle-eastern countries I am not able to make up my mind to visit that part of the world since I have no idea about the secure places over there. But still since I would really want to visit the place if possible, so please help me out. From the junction point of three highest mountain ranges of the world: I must encourage you to read more about Zenith on her Facebook Page, Zenith Irfan: 1 Girl 2 Wheels.has done brilliant work in summarizing the metropolis (Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi), allow me to take you to a journey of Northern Pakistan following trails of some awesome girls! And If I have not made it clear enough, I am mentioning it explicitly, you must visit Neelum Valley and/or khunjarab pass depending on your available time and budget. This place is a must must visit if you ever decide to come.If you plan to travel to north (which is highly recommended if you do visit) then please schedule your trip in the months of June-Sept.This is the best season to visit northern areas as they are easily accessible.I couldn't sleep all night, thinking what if I die? This is sophee posing in with some delicious apricots, a specialty from my most favorite place in the world: Hunza Valley. A few final words: I recommend you get someone local along with you as your guide/companion while you travel these places.

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I have been to a lot of countries alone and have loved being there. This is the highest border connected by a paved road in the world.

I love visiting new places and love to experience even the minutest details about the new culture, food, etc. For in the fear of unknown, lies a heaven worth discovering. From this confidence, she next embarked on the journey to the extreme north. The journey to Khunjarab pass offers you the most amazing views that you can ask for in this world.

I propose an Islamabad awareness day – too many of us suffer in silence. His favourite TV show is “Entourage.” He thinks feminist is synonymous with lesbian. After all what is the point of getting married if your wife isn’t there to make you tea.

Too many of my female compatriots are withering away in this tree-lined labyrinth of monotony. He travels a lot (check out the stamps in my passport yo). Oh look his profile says his favourite book is The Alchemist.

Meet Zenith Irfan, a 20 year old biker girl from Lahore (Yes! I kept asking myself, "Zenith, Do you really want to do it? You must be wondering Zenith is a local girl therefore it must be easy for her to do all this travelling. Once again, I encourage you to visit her facebook page: is a must read.

We have biker girls, contrary to what you may have heard from Malala Yousafzai) When I decided to go to Kashmir, I was scared. That brings us to the next amazing woman: Meet Sophee Southall, a writer and a photographer who visited Pakistan in this season as well. It will clear all your doubts that you have about Pakistan from a foreigner's perspective.

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