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21-Oct-2016 15:47

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Minor variations in the exact wording is seen on different examples.

These jars are extremely common and are easily one of the most frequently found utilitarian containers in bottle dumps dating throughout the 1880-1970 period……vast numbers of them were made.

) In 1987 the Chesebrough Manufacturing Company was purchased by Unilever.

Most early examples are in clear glass, later, amber jars were also made – to contain the “carbolated” version.

Few of these containers have glass company identification marks on the base, so it is difficult, or impossible (in most cases) to be sure exactly where a specific example was made.

Chesebrough may have been producing his product for a few years before it was actually patented under the name Vaseline. Wilson (1981), in which an unmarked bottle, found at an early fort site in Laramie, WY, has remnants of a Chesebrough label.

The jar illustrated is of a generic style termed a “pomade” in early glass bottle makers’ catalogs.

More information can be found at Later versions of the standard Vaseline salve container have been made of plastic, probably switching over sometime during the 1970s.

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However, most of the typically found early versions, at least those being made by the late 1880s, are marked “CHESEBROUGH MFG CO [ arched] above “VASELINE.” (This style is shown as the first example on the far left in the group of 4 jars).

These jars are typically made of clear or off-clear glass, handblown, and have tooled lips, styled for a cork closure.

This marking is just one of a variety of embossing variations found on the face of earlier Vaseline (petroleum jelly) jars made of glass.

Vaseline was patented in 1872 (patent #127,568) by Robert Augustus Chesebrough, doing business as Chesebrough Manufacturing Company, based in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

(Note: Some examples may have a faint amethyst tint as a result of natural “sun purpling” if the glass contained manganese as a decolorizer.

Any of these jars that are found in dark purple or strong “grape” amethyst have been artificially irradiated, as they were produced in that color. Later versions of the jar, into the early decades of the 20th century, have screw-type lips, and just one of the lettering arrangements would include “TRADE MARK / VASELINE / CHESEBROUGH / NEW – YORK”.

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