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15-Jun-2015 14:21

Have fun exploring those Featured Articles, and be sure to take a look at our newly updated Staff Page, now brimming with dozens of wonderful, dearly loved faces, and hundreds of contributor names.

(If you’re a contributor and your name is missing, please just let us know and we’ll add you in immediately.) To offset the costs of keeping the site up and its massive archive accessible, we’re offering one final round of merch: a limited-run set of Love Letter stationery and stickers, designed by Dorothy Schmidt, featuring Stuntkid’s new Coilhouse art.

Five years ago, we launched Coilhouse Magazine + Blog: A Love Letter to Alternative Culture. But first, we will have to re-strategize our business and production plans.

Six beautiful issues, two grand soirees, and thousands of blog posts later, we’re dimming the lights and locking up. Nothing is set in stone at the moment because, simply put, we need a break. In its current form, Coilhouse is not financially solvent.

Half the proceeds will go directly to Stuntkid for crafting these beautiful illustrations, the other half will help us continue paying for web hosting, keeping our Flickr photostream accessible, renewing our domain name, and other random costs.

Additionally, there are still printed issues of Issue 06 available for sale, and a small number of Molly Crabapple’s beautiful prints. On a personal level, the future is uncertain and exciting for both of us.

Smaller, more manageable one-shot projects that don’t break our backs.

Potential directions that Coilhouse may move in somewhere down the line: books, apps, limited edition print/art objects, video, fashion collaborations.

We can’t tell you what exactly is coming next, or when; we just know we have no intention of quitting.The tireless and all-too-often selfless efforts of our incredible staff and contributors, in tandem with the generous support of readers and small-business advertisers, enabled Coilhouse to come this far. However, the business never had the chance to fully stabilize in such a way that it could remain sustainable long term. For those two reasons, we’ve stuck it out for many moons by leaning on each other and our respective families a whole lot.For a time, it can feel okay to pour every waking moment into a labor of love, but after a while –five full years, in this case– that sustained effort can take a massive toll on both one’s body and one’s bank account. This hasn’t been an easy decision for us to come to. But it’s far beyond time for both of us to take a step back, and regroup. As you can see, we’ve cleaned up and redecorated the place to mark this moment in Coilhouse’s continuing evolution.Health issues have also played a big role in our decision to put things on hiatus. When we started writing this love letter over half a decade ago, we could not yet conceive of the humbling and inspiring amount of support that Coilhouse would receive. As we hit our stride, in addition to this lively discussion, we were gifted with artistic contributions, valiant volunteer efforts, generous ad buys, and kind words of encouragement from friends. To reiterate, the magazine is done, the blog is going into cryogenic freeze… Illustrated by the talented Stuntkid, co-designed by Nadya and Star St.

Repeating for emphasis, with astonished glee: five full years. In our first few months, what kept us motivated were the thoughtful, hilarious, vulnerable, and insightful comments on our blog. Beloved contributors, advertisers, interns, volunteers, editors, and patrons – Coilhouse wouldn’t exist without you, and it’s an honor to know each and every one of the kindred spirits who have come together to participate in this project. Germain, the new site is a bright and colorful joygasm of some of the strange, beautiful ephemera that we’ve obsessed over together with all of you.

We’ve also reorganized the categories, added a “search” feature, and put together a page of our favorite blog posts from over the years.