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In ever increasing numbers, Americans have attempted to make major changes by moving away from the trappings of civilization and by taking up an off-the-grid lifestyle.This popular movement gained momentum during the last decade, and for hundreds of families who attempt such a move, they quickly discover this type of venture is easier said than done.He is quite the musician, having created an impressive body of work, and his songs have found their way into radio, TV, and produced for Discovery by Raw Television with Mike Griffiths, Sam Maynard, and Dimitri Doganis serving as the executive producers.To them, this is what homesteading and off-grid construction is all about, and hopefully they can pass all their knowledge on to the , and next season he will be the only host.According to Marty’s website, he is also a mountain guide, and on a personal note, he is the only person known to carry his guitar to the top of Denali, where he played and sang from the highest point in North America.Each week, the Raneys will work with a new family will have to decide if they will be able to tough it out, applying everything they have learned from the Raney family, or they may decide to give it all up and return to civilization.

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Even the most resourceful and determined homesteaders often find out the hard way that they are not ready for that first grueling winter, monsoon, or drought season.

Living off the land is an important aspect of the Raney family’s lifestyle and a big part of their family tradition.

Living without modern conveniences can build character, inspire creativity and ingenuity, encourage resourcefulness, and foster an appreciation for the simple things in life.

The Raneys have learned to live an artisan lifestyle, which they will share on .

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Over the years, they have learned to use the most basic of tools to build beautiful cabins, homes, and other structures.

For Discovery, Matt Vafiadis serves as executive producer, with Meagan Davis as producer.