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At this date, it is recorded that the townsfolk guarded their privileges so jealously that they attacked several Reading merchants who were trying to muscle in on their territory.The poor men from Reading were physically assaulted and had their goods trampled in the mud!With such an obvious centre for Royal patronage and trade, the settlement of Windsor (meaning "Winch-furnished-Riverbank" - transferred from Old Windsor) quickly grew up between the Castle and the Thames.

It wasn't until a couple of generations later that it replaced Old Windsor as a Royal Palace as well.It was totally rebuilt in stone during the 12th and 13th century when the castle became more popular with the English Kings.Legend says the Round Table stood atop the motte of the Round Tower.William the Conqueror picked the site (which was then in the parish of Clewer) for a defencive wooden motte and bailey castle, soon after 1066.

Free Borough Status was not officially granted until 1277, however.

As well as advantages though, this charter brought unwanted residents to the town: for the County Gaol was set up in Windsor.