Dating intimacy issues

28-Jan-2016 18:07

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So intimacy is simply a term for letting yourself be closely known and experienced, even as you make an effort to deeply know and experience others.

You can have intimacy with partners, friends, children, or siblings.

Being connected to a tribe ensured our very survival, so intimacy with others was a matter of life or death.

Of course many thousand years later the game has changed, and we can now logistically survive alone.

Loneliness has become pandemic and led to widespread depression.

And you only need to look at the modern success of cults, with their offer of understanding and community, to see just how much humans still long for intimacy.

In your adult life, healthy functioning relationships help you feel like you life have purpose, boost your feelings of self-worth, give you better moods, and even affects your physical wellbeing.

If somewhere along the line you learned that connecting with others is a dangerous game, you will drive it away no matter how lonely you secretly feel. Are you one of those people who is always busy, your life full to the maximum?

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Quite the contrary – it has resulted in more of a need for connection then ever before.This fear of intimacy can lead to depression and an inability to achieve in life because you don’t work well with others or know how to ask for help when you need it. If you do have down time, do you immediately think of what you can do to fill it? Behind a fear of intimacy is a fear of facing up to yourself and what you perceive (erroneously) as your weaknesses.

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